File lost / Windows error 0x80070185

I’m running SeaFile Community Edition 10.0.1 in a docker container (image from Docker Hub) on a Raspberry Pi 4 B with 4 GB RAM. Installation just some days ago, no upgrades from older version.

On the client side I use SeaDrive 3.0.2 on Windows 11.

I created 100.000 small text files (100 folders, 1.000 files in each folder) in my library using Windows command line. All files were synced to SeaFile Server (green arrow in green circle icon). Then I set all folders “online only“ (blue cloud icon) in Windows Explorer to free disk space on client side.

Trying to copy the whole 100.000 files to a different location, 99.999 files were automatically downloaded from SeaFile Server and copied successfully, but one file was missing. I still see this one in the Windows Explorer, in the SeaFile web interface it is missing.

When I try to open this file in Windows, I get a window “Error 0x80070185: The cloud operation was unsuccessful” (or in German: „Fehler 0x80070185: Der Cloudvorgang war nicht erfolgreich“). Running fsck did not find any errors.

In the client log seadrive.log I see the following line multiple times:

Failed to get path small-files-test/MyFolder-11/MyFile-11-643.txt for repo c8367416.

My [fileserver] section seafile.conf looks like his:

port = 8082
use_go_fileserver = true
max_sync_file_count = 1000000
fs_id_list_request_timeout = 3600

Anything else has default settings.

Are there any logs I can analyze this problem with?
Does the MySQL database help to see what happened?


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I also encountered this problem, has anyone found a solution?

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This should be caused by a bug. Sometimes some files can be removed from cache before it’s uploaded to the cloud. This will be fixed in 3.0.3 version.

@Jonathan , thanks for answering.

Is there a link to the bug ticket?
When may we see version 3.0.3 for download?

SeaDrive version 3.0.3 is available sind 2023-05-25, according to change log with a lot of bug fixes.

I’m already testing …