File Sync or Push to 2500 computers


I work for a large university and manage 2500+ public computers. I’m looking for a solution to one way push/sync folders to groups of computers preferably when users are not logged in. Is this supported in Seafile or is it strictly user based?

Thank you


It is.
It would require either using an account for these computers (as long as it’s the same data it could be one).
Or one could use share links and install some kind of client fetching the files from share links, but that would be a custom application and it would likely be easier to just server the files using a webserver (e.g. nginx) in that case.

hi Apex
does all the computers you manage in the same network? if you so, you can create a shared folder and sync files to the shared folder, then tell them where the folder is and download themselves. if you use other Windows operating system, you still can download it on the internet and follow the steps on above link