File type .exe restriction


is it possible to restrict users to not upload .exe file to the seafile server?.

Thanks in advance.

No it is not possible.

This option should be there. isn’t possible to add it in next release?

You could use the AV option in Pro

I’m using CE :frowning:

Hopefully they will also include it in CE :grinning:

@daniel.pan , could you please confirm ?

I hope this won’t be added as there is no value and it is complete bullshit. I don’t see any other use case than companies having poorly thought out policies wanting to annoy their employees and customers. Probably the same companies also run av products on all their machines (increasing their attack surface significantly and making it easy to hack them).


We don’t have such a feature.

Why would you want to restrict “file types”? Even windows shortcuts .lnk can be used to execute malicious code. It’s a subpar solution that generates frustration on the user end, especially if it’s enforced on the server side. If you want to restrict that you could use a good antivirus + an updater system on that end or modify the client to not fetch .exes (or files with a certain extension) from the server, as extensions for executables in would vary for each device.

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They’re just a risk, nor more.