Files getting randomly deleted

Hi @Jonathan,

I did set the variable (set SEAFILE_DEBUG=watch in a DOS window).
I will now be waiting for the problem to come again. I will then be able to send you more info with the logs.

I did post the screenshots above already, do you want any different ones ?

Thanks !

Hi @RomainC

I’m not sure whether setting the environment variable from command line would have effects on the Seafile client. I suggest you set them the system settings. The procedure is similar to this one: . Then you have to restart the client, do some change in some library, and look into seafile.log to make sure you see some file system event messages, like “Adding event xxxx”.

I would need screenshots like the following:

Both the change summary and the details are needed.

Hello @Jonathan

Sorry I’ve been pretty busy lately…
I did set up the environment variable and the log seems to acknowledge that.

I will be looking closely for any “random deletion event” and post the screenshots if it happens again.

I hope I will be able to help resolving this problem…


I am having the same problems. Did you ever manage to figure out what was causing the issue?


Hello @barzyp,

Unfortunately, no… We faced a massive file deletion event with one of our customers last week, but it was too late to set the troubleshooting and a bit complicated to take some screenshots.
The problem occurs pretty regularly but I was not able to solve it so far…

we now have two users whose accounts are mass deleting files.

I have noticed that they are on a newer version of the client than others. Version 6.1.7, the others are on 6.1.1. What versions are your clients on?

Hi.Want to report this behaviour as well. Somehow files got deleted just without anyone deleting them.

@topquark What server and client versions and operating systems are you using?

Client: 6.1.7, Happened with previous 6.1 version too on march 16th.
we do daily backups, it was not a big deal then but it happened again last weekend.
Server: 6.2.5 (version installed on march 16th: 6.2.2)

What operating system is used for the clients and servers?

Clients: In March it was Windows 7. Now: Windows 10
Server: Arch Linux

One more info that might be relevant: There is a group shared library which was affected only lately.
In march more libraries were affected.


We expirienced this behavior on Windows 10 devices and a Debian server.
I think that the client were 6.1.7 and the server is using 6.2.9 pro.

has anybody found whats causing this deletions ?
We had the same problem with centos 7 server 6.1.9 pro and 6.1.8 clients.
Also, there are some SFConflict files created, when there is no conflicts, idk if it is related

Time Server is the same on all devices?

thanks for your reply, I’m waiting for the clients answers about the clock.
Is there any way to disable case sensitivity on the server side ?
I think that, this is causing the problem.

No. Linux is case sensitive, meaning that the files “Readme” and “readme” are treated as different files.

Windows is case insensitive, which is the incorrect and terrible way of doing it :slight_smile:


Yes, off course, but I meant, on the seafile server, for the librairies.

Mac also.

Just to make that list complete, (free)bsd is also, thats why mac is.


Any findings out of this issue so far? I’m currently setting up a small seafile server and would like to know if there is anything I can do to avoid this