Files missing in column view

Hi, I am running a Seafiel Server Version 10.0.1, but this problem was also in v9. Whenever there are a certain number of files in a folder and the user is using the web interface with column view selected, the files would all show up in the left column, but there won’t all be files listed in the right column (files column). Depending on the sort order, I can still see that all files are present, but it will not show all files. Is this a known bug? It happens with Firefox and Brave browser.

Can you upload a screen capture?

Here are some screenshots:
Folder test has a lot of files:
However, when I scroll down, only a number of them are shown:
(you can see that the list on the left side goes on)

When I sort by name descending, I can see “the other end” of the list:

Thank you for the pictures.

I created four folders of files with 100, 200, 300 and 400 files, each containing files of random size and named (numbered) sequentially. In all cases I can only see the first 100 files in the Column View file area. All files are present in the left sidebar of Column View . Reversing the sort order does show the last set of 100 files for the selected folder as you describe.

I checked with Firefox 120.0.1 and Arc 1.19.1 (which is Chromium-based).

Seafile CE 10.0.1 | Ubuntu 22.04 LTS