Finder icons won't show

Hi, I have downloaded the Seafile 1.0 client and it works fine. I have not synchronised the folders though as I do not want the folders on my computer as they would take up too much space.
The only problem is that I am not seeing the drive in my Mac finder view. The overview/folder structure in the client is not very viewer and operator friendly and I am wondering how I get the folders in my finder view. I already checked the settings and with me there is NO option of showing explorer icons (as is written in the instructions) Can anybody help? Thanks!

You find the English Manual for Seafile’s clients at

I am not sure what you mean by “Seafile 1.0 client”. The Seafile Sync client’s latest version is 8.0.6. The Seafile Drive client’s recommended version is 2.0.

Hi, Thanks, I meant the Drive’s client. I needed to have 1.0. because my system (Catalia Mac) for some reason did not accept the 2.0 version.
I did not find an answer to my question in the manual.
I am not sure that it is possible though to have the folders been displayed in the Mac finder as I am not psyching the folders. Is that true? Thanks!