[fixed]Unable to download files with firefox 64

Hello! I can’t download files from firefox 64. Everything works great but downloading (i can preview photos). The linux and android clients works well (sync, upload and download)
I can’t find why : the firefox console says “Unchecked lastError value: Error: Missing host permission for the tab”
Any idea? Thanks!
fedora 28 firefox 64

edit : i’ve got no errors in seahub.error.log

I get this probleme when i’m connecting from web : seafile.julously.com or if i’m connecting through my network (192.xxx.x.x:8000) : i can connect and see all my files but i can’t download…

Idem with chromium 65

the service part url and file server root is well informed

Thanks!!! FILE_SERVER_ROOT was seafile.julously.com:8082
Don’t know why…
Works great, thank you!