Fixing tray icon of Seadrive 1.0.11 in Windows 7

Current icon in Win7 is awful (as in attached picture). Please fix it for e.g. the same as in Win10.



1.0.x version will not be updated any more. Please use the new 2.0.4 version instead. But it only supports Windows 10.

Thats shame. Because the truth is there are lots of Win7 still on market and people even don’t think about buying Win10 licenses because Win7 simply is cool and all is working. You really should consider that decision.

I cannot remember having ever encountered your problem with SeaDrive when I was still using W7.

I would say this is not a general SeaDrive problem, but a specific problem on your machine.

Additionally, you realize that Windows 7 is no longer supported? Hence, staying with Windows 7 is not advisable! I understand that many users prefer W7 over W10 and I am not a W10 fanboy either, but W7 is a thing of the (remote) past and will not come back. Seafile’s focus on W10 is absolutely right AFAIC.