Folder .seafile-data grew to 60 GB in Ubuntu client

On my Ubuntu box the .seafile-data folder grew to 60 GB (48 GB in the storage folder and 12GB in the fcachetmp). This client syncs only half of the libraries in my account. In contrast, my Windows client syncs all my libraries and the seafile-data folder is only 800 MB. Both clients are v6.0.4. Server is v6.0.8

There is clearly somehting wrong. How can I debug this?

Do you talk about the client or the server who has this big folder?

Client, of course, in both cases.

I note that one library has 84GB in total, where one file is 64GB and another is 14GB, and there are about 8 other files totalling ~6GB. This library is symlinked (i.e. the folder seen by Seafile is a symlink rather than actual folder).

I have sometimes the same issue when i’m uploading a lot of big files What does “seaf-cli status” say? If everything is synchronized you’re good to go to delete the content of the folder (make sure you have backups).

What can you see in seafile.log of that “big” client?