Folder with Mac legal name which is not legal on PC makes troubles

I read many contributions coming from several Seafile users asking for a mechanism, to be implemented in the WebUI and all platform clients, which prevents the user to create filenames (and paths) which are not accepted by all platform client file systems (Mac, Linux, Windows,…, others?). I ask for that too describing a problem occured in the following scenario.

We have three users sharing a library, two using a Mac (Seafile v. 7.0.9) and one a PC (Seafile v. 7.0.10). One user on one Mac created in the library a folder "docs " (yes, she knows the rules about the Windows allowed characters, but inadvertently inserted a space at the end of the folder name, that is obviously not immediately visible).
Well that folder containing important docs was synchronized on the other Mac, but never on the PC; that is the normal (accepted) behavior.
At certain point the folder was removed from the Mac, the other Mac synchronized it removing the folder, the PC never received that folder, but several days later with a timing that we were not able to identify, that same folder was recreated by the PC Seafile (we saw that from the Seafile log) on the server and then on the two Macs. It goes without saying that, the user on the PC did not do anything, and infact she never saw the "docs " on her computer, so everything was caused by PC Seafile.

Up to now the ghost folder was auto-recreated and removed by hand from the Mac a couple of times.

With small differences (involving one Mac and two PCs) we saw similar phenoma of reapparing files, in another group of users. There, the file name shared on a Mac included “:” in the file name. Apart from the specific character the behavior was very similar.
Now, is it possible other Seafile users around faced this file/folder reapparing during normal use?
Is it possible to the stop the repeated occuring of the file/folder reappearing? How?
It is clear that if some (illegal/reserved) characters were not allowed by the clients/WebUI, the problem would solve automatically.
We are running Seafile server 7.1.6.

I believe at least the “recreation”-error has been fixed with the new seafile client - at least according to the changelog. I haven’t had the issue recently so I don’t know for sure :wink:

I think it would be good to have some feature at least automatically telling other platforms about restrictions they might not know about but I don’t know how that might look as people only using the same OS can certainly do whatever they want and would probably be annoyed by something like that. Maybe have an option for the server whether people should be notified about it or not?!?