Folders are not available anymore :-(


I have a big problem with my seafile server. Yester I could still store data on my seafile server, but today it is not possible anymore. I cannot connect via the seafile app nor via web browser.

I tried to upload a picture, but I´m new in the forum and don´t know how to at the moment.

But when I triy to open a folder in my library there is only a red notification that my library is not available.

Can you please help me with this problem?

So, tried to export all the libraries to another server and it worked.
But couldn´t repair the libraries on the seafile server. All libraries have data in it, but they are marked as empty (e.g. 334 / 0).
Anyone has an idea?

Really hard to troubleshoot since we didn’t get a chance to see any errors or what caused your initial problem.

Did you follow the back and restore steps here?

Does it happen to a specific library or all libraries?

It happed to all libraries. When I try

./ --repair

It appears an error that mysql is not reachable.

Yeah, you need to check the connection to mysql.

Okay, MySQL is somehow not running anymore. Does anyone have an answere to reinstall mysql?