Force clean up of Read Only folders when syncing?

Hello all!

I’m not exactly sure what I’m wanting to ask so searching hasn’t been to fruitful.

I share files that are Read Only and shared with a few people. I’d like to be able to keep those shared folders clean on their PC. Say some file gets moved around locally or duplicated I’d like to force those folders back to the snapshot on the server removing any changed files or folders. I’m sure that I could just delete and resync but being that the folder is roughly 100GB in size I’d rather just force the changes and clean up that way.

Is that doable with Seafile? Or am I just at their mercy to try not and move files around locally?

Thanks in advance!

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What you want to do is not possible, unfortunately.

The Sync Client just downloads file into a folder in the local file system. The Client cannot enforce policies regarding this folder.

Specifically, just one example: If a user copies files into this folder, the client throws an error (“File cannot be uploaded”), but there is no way the client can enforce a “no-files-can-be-copied-in-this-folder policy”.

Thank you for the quick reply. I had a feeling that this wasn’t possible but wanted to make sure before I delete the files and re-sync.

Thank you!

Glad I could help.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.