Foto Sync on Android question - what is the Schedule?

i use foto sync on android with the seafile client.

I would like what the time slice is that it re-checks on android wether there are new fotos? Can that be adjusted?

(I am currently on wifi and i would love if that thing would sync every 3 minutes or so, so that i can take pictures and shortly after see them on the pc). Right now i am a bit unsure if it crashed, cause it didnt sync for 2 hours now.

Photo syncing in the client does not work reliably. Best to find a different photo syncing app to sync with your Seafile account

It works perfectly fine for me, I have not missed any fotos and everything works great.
I’m using a Samsung Galaxy s7 with latest Android and also a iPhone 7 with latest iOS.

yes for me too. didnt miss any pics. just the intervall seems odd