Free pro edition for 3 users still available?

Is the free Seafile pro edition for 3 (home) users still available from Seafile Ltd? Or is this just an offer from Seafile GmbH? Since I’d like to stay with the Ltd, that would be great!

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Yes, it is still available.

Couldn’t find it here

I think the customer portal is still under development. But the Ltd sill offers this, see here:

If you use a browser in Pad or desktop to visit the customer center, you will get the download link:

If you visit with a browser in mobile phone, the navigation bar is hidden. We will fix the problem.

Ah, ok. I already have found the download section but I thought that I’d have to get a license key for the 3-user-edition, too…
As far as I understand now, I won’t need a key.
Thanks for clarification!

if you don’t specify a key it will use the 3 free keys

License file seafile-license.txt does not exist, allow at most 3 trial users

Hey, I have a question: I installed Sea-File on windows system and I would like to use the free option for 3 users but when logging in, I do not know exactly which server link I should use. How is the log in process for free 3 users?

It is free to host a pro edition server for up to 3 people.
There is no public instance that you can use.