From today - 29, July 2019 - why is 6.1.8 still the newest?


We don’t use the auto-update feature recently. So the info at the server side is not updated.

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May I ask what the reason is?

A non-functional version check leads to frustration. I recommend to either remove the check for a new version from the client or to fix it.


Agree 100%. We, datamate in our role as support partner, volunteer to update the server side.


Apparently fixing it is the option.

The auto-update feature is not a good choice for private cloud. For example, if a large organization still uses Seafile 6.3, notify the users to upgrade to client 7.0 may cause compatibility issue.

Thank you @daniel.pan for your answer. Maybe it would be possible to extend the auto update feature slightly so that it only informs about new client versions if these are compatible with the server version used? The server version should be known to the client or available through the API?

Yes, or if it would be possible to push updates by the server settings / version. This way, admins can decide if they want to offer the update to a new version for end-users. At every startup of the client, it could ask the Seafile server for this information.