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As I see the only files which full-text indexed are office docs and *.md
I see in documentation that some “code” files are also should be indexed.
Can you explain what exactly the file list (extensions) are indexed?
for example i’m unable to index *.java *.php *.js files…
can i reconfigure seafile/elasticsearch to index them also?
I’m running a PRO version on CentOS 7


fixed by editing pro/python/seafes/constants.py file

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Would it be possible and sufficient to add *.odt etc. under office_suffixes here too in order to index odt files?

not worked for me :frowning:

@daniel.pan in the changelog for 6.0.8 I read:
[security] Remove viewer.js to show open document files (ods, odt) because viewer.js is not actively maintained and may have potential security bugs
Does this mean, that indexing of open document format files isn’t possible at all at the moment? Will it be added (again) in the future?

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Indexing of open document format is not related to the viewer. It should be possible if you edit the code directly.

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Thanks Daniel! I’ll try.