Full text searching issue with a clean 7.0.5 Pro install

I’ve installed a clean 7.0.5 Pro server, and am getting the following error with updating the search index:

$ ./pro/pro.py search --update

Updating search index, this may take a while...

07/21/2019 11:54:57 [INFO] root:208 main: storage: using filesystem storage backend
07/21/2019 11:54:57 [INFO] root:210 main: index office pdf: True
07/21/2019 11:54:59 [ERROR] seafes:158 start_index_local: Index process init error: TransportError(400, u'mapper_parsing_exception', u'No handler for type [string] declared on field [repo]').

Looking at elasticsearch-dsl-py issue #804 on Github, I’m guessing the seafile-pro-server needs an update to not use the deprecated “string” type?