Fulltext Search don't work anymore in Pro 6.0.12

Hi everybody,

Since v6.0.12 I can’t search anymore in all libraries.
Neither with the client nor in the webinterface, no results.
But if I choose a Library in the webinterface and type in the search field above, I get the results as espected.

After a downgrade to 6.0.10 I can use the search without problems.

Does anyone has the same issue with v12 ?

Thanks in advance!

Seafile Pro 6.0.12 @ Debian Jessie
elasticsearch Version: 1.4.0, Build: bc94bd8/2014-11-05T14:26:12Z, JVM: 1.7.0_121
no entries in the logfiles

You right. Same problem my here. Pro 6.0.12

It is fixed in version 6.0.13

oh, didn’t recognised there’s a new version availabe :neutral_face:
Thank you, it works again at v13!