GDPR law - Seafile ready?

@wthess, you might want to have a look at

In short: GDPR directly pertains to data collection, therefore both non-profit and charitable organizations have exactly the same obligation to abide by GDPR as any other corporation. However, its scope excludes data processed by natural persons for purely personal reasons.
Please note, though, that IANAL and you should always double-check statements.


How could we/I add some policy or terms of usage to the Seafile website?
So that if people get on the website, that they can see our terms and conditions.

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There a serveral APIs in the manual, with them you can create a custom login.

Cool, can I ask which API you used and how?

We need something like this in the Seafile Admin Interface. Be able to search for specific objects, IPs etc. in the DB. No fiddeling with the DB should be required. :slight_smile:


I agree


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Very good idea. Almost forgot. This can break one’s neck in certain situations.

It should be possible to set a custom url to one’s terms and conditions in the admin panel/config files.

@daniel.pan Could you please add this option and add the link for it to the footer of the Seafile Web UI!? Should be a simple change as it’s mostly adjustment in the theme files.



We will add an option to let admin to set the link for terms and conditions. And display the link at the footer of the Web UI.


Is there now a way to add a link to an imprint or privacy policy? Using seafile 7.0.4 community edition.

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