Getting Seafile Server to pick up old Data?

Hiya, so, for whatever reason, Seafile was acting up, so I had to reset the server, and change some stuff around to get it working.
The issue though, is that when it was finally working, my 41GB of files that had been stored, weren’t showing up in libraries any more, only the stock library appeared.
I had moved from one install of the most recent 6.0 version, to the same exact version.
I’ve moved servers around in the past, and all I had to do was pick up the seafile-data folder and shift it to the new server to copy all the data, and that worked fine, but now, after moving it yet again, the data is intact, well, I mean, it’s encrypted under however Seafile does it, but Seafile is no longer showing any libraries of mine from the folder that is still sitting in seafile-server with all the data.
I guess I’m asking how I’d either get Seafile to recognize this old data, or how I’d translate this old data into usable files again.

The Server runs and has always ran Windows. Also the data was all un-encrypted.

You can try seaf-fsck to find out whether your metadata are somehow missing.

At this rate, recovering the data to a usable format is optimal, will fsck do that?

fsck won’t do that without given an option. By default, it only checks whether the data is sound and reports problems.