Git repo cannot be cloned within Seadrive

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open PowerShell
  2. go to a library within S
  3. clone a repo
  4. result always is Input/output error
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Same for me (Windows-client; as mentioned here)!

It was the first thing i tried and it failed (no crash, but it just won’t work). Updating git-bash did change the error-output, but does not behave differently. It seems the filesystem-emulation works not as expected from git’s perspective.


[06/19/17 15:26:15] starting seadrive daemon: seadrive.exe "-d" "C:/Users/XXX/seadrive/data" "-l" "C:/Users/XXX/seadrive/logs/seadrive.log" "F:"
[06/19/17 15:26:18] Unable to get config value download_limit: Config not exists
[06/19/17 15:26:18] Unable to get config value upload_limit: Config not exists
[06/19/17 15:26:18] Switched to account XXX@YYY.ZZ 7f3b685


(The second thing i checked, updating a Word 2010 document failed too and crashes the core).

Same issue on our end. Has anyone at Seafile looked into this?