GitHub Seadroid Pull Request strategy

quick question on the repo for the android seafile client:
How do you guys handle pull requests? Some are merged almost instant (e.g. the recent ones from SaudM) but others are just ignored, e.g. the one for grid view or the other ones.
Some of them don’t produce successful builds, I understand not merging there. But none of you even comments on them.
As the app is mostly community driven, effords from contributers should be honored. Even if you don’t want to merge it, please comment and tell them why. Just leaving the PRs open without any feedback seems like a bad response.
If you need help reviewing or merging, just tell and we’ll figure something out.



Agreed. Would love to see the app make some headway into being more friendly.

The camera upload feature works so poorly I’ve migrated away from using the app for that feature to Synchronize Ultimate via WebDAV. (For example, if you disconnect an account in the app and reconnect it, it will reupload every . single . photo, and append it with a number at the end. This is expected behavior according to the devs…)

It works most of the time but it needs some work!! :slight_smile:


We have limited development resource on the Android client. So the progress is slow. We focus on stability over features. Currently our pace is about 1 release per month with several new features and fixes.

There are only two PRs within the 5 PRs need to be reviewed. The grid view is not an urgent task for us. We will review it after we finish other tasks like fixing big file upload problem.