Global Adress Book


I’m on pro 6.05 version
I wonder if the global adress book feature has beeen deprecated.

I can’t find the WEB UI feature whereas i added in




The global address book is on by default. Users can search users in sharing dialog using the global address book. There is no other visible UI feature.

I remember that in a previous version (5.0.4), there were an UI entry point (Organization Tab) to the adress book where one could look at all the members of the organisation (email, name, etc.).

Then it has disappeared : a pity, I think

I found another post here on a similar discussion

Thank you daniel,


That menu part is disabled if you activated cloud mode. Disable cloud mode and it should come back.

Why does this post appear now? Is there a problem on the forum server?

Infortunately ,i does not come back

Because i’'m commenting an old post, looking for a feature that has disappeared

Did you disable cloud mode in the webui and the config file?

In the config file, yes. There is no option in the web admin ui.