GO Fileserver not working with storage_classes


when i enable the GO Fileserver and my storage classes (in my case: hot_storage (FS) and cold_storage (s3)) i have troubles to view images:

seahub.thumbnail.utils:144 generate_thumbnail HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
django.request:230 log_response Bad Request: /thumbnail/e087d424-5c57-4fe7-4574-2342435346/create/

  • when i disable the storage_classes it works with the GO Fileserver
  • when i disable th GO Fileserver an enable storage_classes it also works,…

so there is a problem with GO an storage_classes… (testest with seafile-9.0.15-pro)

Hello, your error should just be an error about not being able to get the thumbnail. After configuring go fileserver, can you upload and download other files? Is there any error in fileserver.log?

the problem exists only for image files that have never been opened via seahub - these can also not be downloaded

==> fileserver.log <==
[2023-03-23 15:07:13] failed to load commit e087d424-5c887-4fe7-8338-0e4569631d91/7b9d6d55cb000a3d448d1f45d6a12476733de308 : Failed to find backend storage

when i switch back from GO Fileserver it works,…

Hello,I cannot reproduce this problem. Can you check the storage_id corresponding to this repo e087d424-5c887-4fe7-8338-0e4569631d91 through the RepoStorageId table of the database? Do you have this storage_id and is_default field in your storage_class.json file?

oh yes - thats it, the libraries created before the storage_class feature have no entries in the RepoStorageId table.

if this happens the old fileserver uses the default storage_id and the GO-fileserver has problems with it…

when i manual insert “insert into RepoStorageId (repo_id,storage_id)” it works,…

thank you!