Group Admin Folder Sharing


I would like to allow group admins to be able to share folders with other users/groups but have not been able to determine how to allow this. According to this post: Permission for more than one user to share files/folders the feature should be included in 6.2. Is this a premium only feature or did it just not make it into the build?

Seafile CE Server Version: 6.2.5


I think they can do this just with the libaries they created in the group.

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So, unlike the post I linked to, there is no feature for admins of a group to share with other users or groups if they weren’t the ones to create the libraries in the first place?

Don’t know why, but in Pro you can set the guest acces, that a bit similar to the feature you want.

Edit: Wrong guessing

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I‘m quite sure it is a pro only feature. I missed that too and read here at one of the pro releases that the feature was added.

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Yes, this is a feature of pro edition. In pro version, you can share a library to another user or group as “admin” permission. The be-shared user or the admin of the group can manage the sharing permissions of the library.