Guest role - strange behavior of seahub


Seafile Pro 7.0.10

I’m just playing around with the guest role feature and I found some strange behavior of seahub.

I invited an external user and the external user registrated with seafile. I shared a library with a folder and a file to the guest user.

The guest user logs in and instead of the “My Libraries” window with the “New library” button, he only sees the “Shared with me” library. That’s ok, because guest users can not create new libraries.


When the guest user opens the shared llibrary he sees the folder inside the library and a link, that points back to “Libraries”.


Now, instead of going back to the “Shared with me” page, he is on the usual “My Libraries” page with the “New library” button.


Of course, if he tries to create a new library, an error message appears, that he doesn’t have permissions to create a library. But it’s very confusing.

Another thing is, that the “Share Admin” link in the left menu should not appear to a guest user, because he can not share anything. The same holds for the share link that appears on every folder and file that the guest user can access. He can not re-share anything, so the link should not appear.


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I confirm the problem, but only partially.

The breadcrumb points to “Libraries” the first time the guest user opens a shared library.

The second time he/she opens the library, the breadcrumbs change and point to the share libraries.

See here what I mean:

Hey, that’s interesting :grinning: