Hard links in Seadrive Client


We are using Seafile for distributed 3d graphics work on Windows 10 machines. Our pipeline uses a lot of hard links for versioning to avoid file duplication.

It seems Seadrive client can’t handle windows hard links. When we try to create one the following error message appears: “The cloud operation cannot be performed on a file with incompatible hardlinks.”

Could you confirm that Seadrive 2.x can’t handle windows hard links?


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SeaDrive 2.x can’t handle hard links.

Thanks for the quick answer.

Is it on the roadmap, do you plan to implement it?

I’m afraid supporting hard link is not possible.

On the other side, in a single library, in the server side, files with same contents are only stored once, so they don’t occupy multiple spaces. For the client, the Seadrive client only download files on demand.

Daniel means “server side”

I understand, thanks.

Than if we want to free up space on the client side (on the machine which creates the duplicated files), we have to use windows api call PlaceholderFile.Dehydrate right?

There’s no special Seadrive client call, is there?


There are no special Seadrive client calls.