Help me understand Seafile's history setting for libraries

Hi all,

I had about 40 gigs of files in a library that I deleted, cleared the trash (chose to clear all files), and then ran seafile’s garbage collection script. This did not clear up any of the used disk space.

After doing some additional reading, I went in and disabled history for the library then re-ran the garbage collection, and that cleared up the disk space.

My confusion comes from deleting the files and clearing the trash - after I have done that there doesn’t seem to be a place I could actually recover the files from, so why was Seafile keeping history on these files that are no longer recoverable?

Thanks for the help!

Afaik, technically there is no difference between file history and trash in Seafile. Thus cleaning the trash leads to clearing up the history.

OK. After clearing the trash and running GC, it did not recover any disk space. I had to disable history for the library first and then run GC before disk space was recovered.

Is this expected behavior?

may be this post will help.