[Help Needed]Seafile published library not showing homepage content (home.md)

Problem: Seafile published library not showing homepage content (home.md).

Published library (you can test it out via this link): https://cloud.erbanku.com/published/public-library

Screen recording as below:

Seafile published library not showing homepage content

It’s a very odd issue I have ever encountered in Seafile.

Can anyone help? Any help is appreciated; thanks.

Seafile version: Seafile Pro Server 9.0.13
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Your problem description is wrong. A better problem description is: Seafile published library not showing the first page called, e.g.

So my guess is that your custom css and/or Cloudflare scripts are somehow broken.

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Thanks for your reply.
(BTW, I have changed the library content after posting the problem.)

According to your reply, I have disabled Cloudflare for my site and removed custom CSS in admin settings, but the problem remains.

The problem:
(And the page content can be loaded after do the following)

This seems to be a bug. I can reproduce the problem on my test seafile instance running Seafile Pro 9.0.14 on a Ubuntu 20.04.5 machine.

The firefox network analyzer reports a call to
on the first call and then
on subsequent page calls.

@daniel.pan FYI

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Okay then, I opened an issue on GitHub. Wait for a fix. Thanks~ :grinning:

GitHub Issue Link

My school also uses Seafile (v8.0.17), which is normal. It seems that this issue exists in higher versions.

I can’t reproduce the issue with 9.0.14 pro edition:

The first page is rendered server side for SEO reason. So there is no API call like /api/v2.1/wikis/$LIBRARY/content/?p=$PAGE&_=$ID

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This problem exists in Seafile Pro 9.0.13.
After upgrading to Seafile Pro 9.0.14, the problem disappeared.

BTW, Thanks to all~