HELP! SeaDrive 1.0.12 keeps re-downloading files again and again

Hi, my team and I are using SeaDrive 1.0.12 to host and use video/audio assets (think raw footage filmed with large file sizes) - but even after increasing our cache to 300GB - 1000GB, we have instances of using Adobe Premiere Pro 2022, where files used within projects are downloaded - but when we go-ahead to play the footage - files in the transfer progress window pop up again and download again from scratch.

We specifically use this version of SeaDrive because of its ability to maintain file linking between us three editors (i.e. We all use S:\ as the drive extension and share files from group folders - Premiere Pro interprets it as files coming from the same place)

Any tips?

Are you sure the file on the server is not updated since it’s cached?