Help to chose best option

Hi Guys,
I am looking for help for the best option matching my need.

I do photography (Landscape), so I don’t have that much photos but in High quality so the files are heavy. I have almost 200Go of photos and my laptop hard drive is almost full.
I am looking for a solution that will allow me to save some space on my computer plus having my files stored in a “cloud” with a backup. and I would like to access these files from anywhere and any of my devices using an internet connection.

I have read some topics on internet concerning SeaFile and from what I read it seems to be the best option for my use, I just want to have your feedback to be sure that its really the best. because I also don’t have anything such as harddrive computer etc. I was thinking to buy a raspberry plus 2 hard drive to build the server.
I also don’t have that much skills in computing, I have some notions of java learn from school. and VBA too for work & personal projects.

Thank you


Why not choose GOOGLE DRIVE with unlimited space for pictures only?

Google Photos only allows free backup of images up to 16MP and videos up to 1080p. Therefore photographers may hit that limit. But e.g. SmugMug (which recently acquired Flickr) offers unlimited space for photographs for a reasonable price.

There is already the Pi3B+ out for sale. But if you want good performance anywhere, my advice is to rent a server.

Unfortunately watching the photos with the Seafile web frontend is not much of a pleasure, because no preview is being computed and the photo will be transferred in its full size on view.

It looks like you care very much about your photos, from my experience and from what I’ve read a raspberry pi is not always as reliable as one would like it to be. I’d use the two drives in raid 1 mode (mirror) and make sure to keep a backup as well.

From my experience it would be much more reliable and also faster to use some low power computer, but it needs more power and costs significantly more money (which doesn’t mean it’s not effordable).

Depending on how experienced you are it could be a better solution to buy storage at some provider as you won’t have to update and maintain your server most of them also will compute a preview for viewing the photos on the web, the biggest disadvantage is that depending on your connection speed it can be slow to access the data compared to serving it locally.


hhh,Thank you, I haven’t noticed it before

Thank you all for your answers.
So it seems that it’s not the best option in my case.
I was thinking at just a cloud too like google drive or other but I would like to have my files accessible at home.

What about a NAS with cloud option?

Maybe a Synology can help you. They have a feature called “PhotoStation” (I don’t know how well it works). (german) (english)

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Either a Synology or a QNAP will work for you. I use Synology and PhotoStation (Photo DS) to continually back up 160 iPads being used primarily as very expensive cameras. The photos then get automatically backed up to Amazon Drive. Wasabi or Backblaze would work equally well for backing up the photos. This will set you back $5/month/terabyte.

Both QNAP and Synology have software you can install on your laptop to synchronize your photos folder with a folder on their end. I like QNAP’s implementation better, it’s a little cleaner, although Synology’s is pretty good. The QNAP will allow you to very easily share specific folders with clients. Both solutions are much more expensive than Seafile, but we’re talking about hardware here.

It’s exactly what I was thinking after few hours looking on internet the different options.

Because I would like to access to my photos & documents from anywhere, I was also thinking to install Cloud station on a synology. I haven’t found yet nor the model neither the HDD I will put inside. I was thinking at 2 hard drive, one main partitioned to have a dedicated space for my computer Time Machine and another hard drive to back up.

Plus I have a project of building a website in the next couple ou month…

Synology has a new app called Moments.
This seems even better if you are looking for automatic photo/video sync with share options.