Help with Let's Encrypt and Docker install

I am trying to spin up a Seafile docker container as outlined in the Seafile doc’s using Let’s Encrypt. I have verified DNS settings and port-forwarding. Everything is in order but when I try to start the container Let’s Encrypt challenge fails with “Timeout during connect”. I have tested both port 80 and 443 with no issues. I can even see the Nginx server on port 80 for a moment while the challenge is in progress.

Running Seafile without Let’s Encrypt on port 80 also works as expected.

Thank you.

Well… confirmed my ISP is quasi blocking 80. It was working every once in a while. Any work around that still allows me to use the docker image and Let’s Encrypt?

You can only configure dns validation in that case.

Additionally, letsencrypt ran into a security issue last January. They have replaced it with a new version called letsencrypt-auto. I had to go that route when I set up letsencrypt due to getting the same exact error as you are getting. After using the auto version, I was able to successfully get a cert using validation via port 80.

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