Hide root folders e.g "Shared with all"


Is it possible within the configs to hide root folders “Shared with all” & “Shared with groups” or rename them, as my staff are very confused with too many folders and choices. As they only need “My Libraries” and “Shared with me”…


Unfortunately, this is not supported at this point in time.

You find a statement by Seafile’s CTO regarding this feature request here.

Are you a Seafile Pro or Seafile Community user?

Many thanks for your prompt response.

We are a Seafile Pro user.

Paying customers have a greater say in the future development of the software. :wink:

I suggest you just leave a comment that you’d like this feature.

I’m no pro user but I still back the request. Personally I’d like just a flat structure like the old versions but I understand if this is not possible. However, having 3 “Shared with me” folders seems over the top and I could imagine that regular users get confused by it. We resell Filecloud at work and it just seperates it into “My Files” and a optionally named folder for all the ‘shared’ folders. By default, just called “Team Folders”. I think that works alright.