How can a file be fetched with a repository token?

hello there,

i have a library token and it allows me for example to get a list of all the objects in that library via the /api/v2.1/via-repo-token-dir/dir/ endpoint of the rest api. the response contains an object’s id, for example:

      "type": "file",
      "modifier_email": null,
      "size": 117,
      "is_locked": false,
      "lock_owner": null,
      "lock_time": 0,
      "parent_dir": "/",
      "id": "54b6fdead2cdb2b0833c38d004055710423e0540",
      "name": "",
      "mtime": "2020-11-13T15:02:07+01:00",
      "modifier_contact_email": "",
      "modifier_name": ""

but how can i fetch a file object with a GET request? in the API docs i only find an endpoint to get an object’s download link, but these don’t exist for every file in the library/repository. the file endpoint’s response on the other hand points to an invalid token.