How can i change the default port?

Hey there,

Im using the docker installation of seafile and i want to run a website besides seafile, so i was wondering if and where i can change the ports so seafile isnt the first thing you come up with when typing the ip adress.

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did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to do the same. I tried changing the ports in the docker-composer.yml, but then it doesn’t work at all.

edit: just figured it out, after finding this another post on the form (can’t link it for some reason…)

My edit was simply wrong. I had changed it from “80:80” to “8000:8000”, but it should be “8000:80”

I’ve never used docker before, but I guess the first port is for the host machine and the second is the internal port for the docker enviroment… maybe… anyway, it works! :slight_smile: