How can I keep track of authorizations on the web?


My seafile users are not allowed by company policy to give anyone else access.
But at the moment, it’s hard to keep track because the database only shows authorizations from clients.
Can you tell me if there is any way to track that the login was authorized from somewhere else ?
By ip for example

p.s.: I additionally analyze the mysql database to find users who have logged in from clients more times than allowed.
If authorizations are written to the database, it will help me.

Are you aware of the audit logs in system admin?

It’s a feature only available in Seafile Professional.

I am a user of the community version :))

I have more than 500 users, unfortunately, the license for so many is very expensive, and the functionality that is in the professional does not cover the need to buy.

If the audit logs in the Professional Edition meet your requirements, then you may have a reasons to buy it.

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