How can I solve Server Error issue with Seafile on Ubuntu 20.04

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I am facing server error :anguished: with Seafile, and I’m requesting someone here can help me out. I have set up Seafile on an Ubuntu 20.04 server, following the official installation guide. Everything seemed to go smoothly until I tried to access the web interface.

Server Environment:
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Seafile Version: 9.0.0
Database: MySQL

When I check to the Seafile web interface, I get a “500 Internal Server Error” message. Here’s what I’ve checked and tried so far:

  1. Verified that all services (seafile, seahub) are running without issues.
  2. Checked the seahub_django_request.log and found multiple entries like this:

[ERROR] django.request:228 log_response Internal Server Error: /seafhttp/protocol-version

  1. Ensured that all necessary dependencies are installed and up to date.
  2. Restarted the server and all Seafile services.

I’ve double-checked the configuration files (, ccnet.conf, and seafile.conf), but haven’t found any obvious issues.

I also check this : But I have not found any solution. Could you please guide me the process and suggest a best solution for this.

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