How does the storage used (in admin) calculate?

The latest version 6.0.7 can correctly show the storage information in the admin.
Yet, I am curious how it is calculated because this number is larger than the simple sum of all users’ used space.
For example, in my case, the storage used is about 56 GB, whereas the sum of all users’ used space is about 45 GB.

Does it also account for the size of historical version files? I know the space used information in the user tab (profile) does not include history file size.

Yes, that’s a good question. How does the number compare to the actual size used in filesystem?

I run the command ‘du -sh’ to retrieve the storage size of the seafile-data folder
~/haiwen/seafile-data 65GB
~/haiwen/seafile-data/storage/blocks 64GB

Both of them are larger than the storage size reported in the admin panel.

In conclusion, we now get the following finding:
(actual size in the filesystem) > (storage size in the admin panel) > (sum of all users’ used space in their profile tabs)

Thanks for your question.
That’s a bug in 6.0.7, we did an extra calculation on sub-libraries size. It will be fixed in the next release.