How long does last a token?

I would like to know more about the auth policy of the web api. Particularly, how long does an authorization token last? When does it expire? etc.
I ask that because I am developing a script for nautilus (gnome files).
Thank you in advance

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in seafile.conf file you can adjust web token expiration value

When users upload files in the web interface, file server assigns an token to authorize the upload operation. This token is valid for 1 hour by default. When uploading a large file via WAN, the upload time can be longer than 1 hour. You can change the token expire time to a larger value.

#Set uploading time limit to 3600s

Fine. Thank you.
Sorry for not being able to read the doc…

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Actually, this file does not exist on my machine.
My question was from a simple user point of view. Not an admin server.

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without indiscretion, as a client, do you use seafile client in a company or a university? because this parameter will depend on the administrator of the seafile server.
If you have the opportunity to contact him, maybe he will have your answer.

a university. The issue was more to know how often the token is changed than being able to control it myself.
Actually, I just realized that I can find a token in .seafile-data/accounts.db. This one has not been updated for the last 4 hours. I’ll check the value tomorrow again.
I am trying to write a python script for Nautilus because I would find it more comfortable to generate share links directly from my file manager.

Afaik there is a nautlius extension. Not sure if it works anymore (seafile-client/nautilus-seafile at nautilus_extension · benruijl/seafile-client · GitHub).

The token in accounts db used to be valid forever.

Yes, I have seen it before but never could make it work.

Yes, I have seen that too.
That’s cool for me but isn’t this a kind of security breach? A password is generally stored in a key-ring. This token is not (simple data base)

I have achieved my seafile_nautilus python package. See this post.
Gitlab repo: here
Pypi package: here
Thanks for your answers.

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Does anybody know if this setting also applies for zipping/downloading shared directories?

Or does it only apply for uploading?