How to access a file directly from the terminal


I would like to use Seafile to store my code under development. I uploaded some PHP files and I need to run a cron with them every 6 hours.

But I didn’t find a way to access the files directly.
Is there any way to do this with Seafile? Note: I did not encrypt the files.

You can read (not modify) the files of an unencrypted library with the help of seaf-fuse:

I never tried that, but it could be that you get some permission problems, if you want to run code from a file mounted with seaf-fuse.

Adding to Bernie_O’s advice, you can access your files via WebDAV (which is probably the more common way). In short:

  • Enable Seafile’s WebDAV interface
  • Configure webserver for WebDAV access
  • Mount Seafile via WebDAV
  • Access files

Sounds good

But if I do that I won’t be able to run the PHP script code I want. Is correct ?

Is it possible to integrate a directory via FTP and Seafile does not automatically encrypt this directory, for example?

No, not possible