How to allow uploads from Lan, and Network?

Yes I’m curious to know if it is at all possible to upload vie same network, and while im not at home. I know changing the IP within the ccnet file will allow me to switch from both but its a bit off a hassle switching it when im away and when i come home just to use it.


Users want to access a single Seafile server from different addresses.


There’s none. Ask the devs to implement “Use SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT as relative URLs


If everything goes well these should solve your problem, but the amount of IP level hackery required to make them work is considerable given that home users are the ones that benefit the most from this feature, and are usually the ones that don’t have a lot of networking knowledge, time or an IT support staff waiting for them to call in.

  1. NAT loopback:
    Setting up NAT loopback would be considered a simple solution but in practice most home routers don’t handle it correctly, and even if you were to get NAT loopback working, all traffic would be proxied through your router, producing unnecessary overheads.

  2. Mapping the same domain name to different IP addresses:
    This is probably the most reliable solution once set up, but it requires the user to keep in sync services exposed through NAT (ports forwarded to the server) and available to the local subnet (ports reachable to other members of the subnet), as if we were talking about two different domain names.

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