How to break initial sync of new library via seaf-cli?

I stated a sync of new library via seaf-cli sync command, but set wrong destination folder.

And now I can’t break this initial sync process via seaf-cli desync -d /path/to/folder command, it returns the error: /path/to/folder is not a library.

Seems this is because initial sync process is not finished and seaf-cli don’t see this library, yes?

How can I desync library via seaf-cli command, when initial sync process is not finished?

I’ve the same problem. i synced my library to the wrong disk and now i can not stop the proces. It takes a full sync before it’s listed as a library. So i can’t delete it yet with seaf-cli desync -d.

Because the disk seaf-cli is syncing to won’t have sufficient space it can not complete de sync.

is there a solution to stop it?

seaf-cli stop, rm -rf .../seafile-data .../.ccnt

Reinstall package again if required, initiate again.

I now use the Debian seafile-cli package since the official repos version is almost always broken.
Only problem is that the old client doesn’t seem to be compatible with Server 7.x.x. Since Server 7 isn’t stable enough yet anyways this ain’t a problem I guess. At least for a while.

Sorry for the off-topic post, but are you actually using seaf-cli version 7.x.x? I could not make it connect
to our own servers and opened an issue describing 2 possible bugs.