How to change Seafile Tool-Tip

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does anybody know how to change the tool-tip when move the curser on the custom logo on the top left where I placed a custom url? There was nothing in the documentation about this… I dont want it to remain as “Seafile”


No that doesnt change the tool-tip. It changes the tab name but not the tooltip…


SITE_TITLE do that. Did you restart seahub after changing that?

Yeah configured SITE_TITLE = ‘Whatever’ in and restarted the server.
It didnt change the tooltip at all.

Just tried that for you and it works. What version of seafile are you using?

Man thats annoying haha…Im running Seafile Version 6.0.7 on a Windows Server 2016 Standard.

As found in source code in v6.0.7 is static text. Update your server and it will show SITE_TITLE

Custom tool-tip since v6.0.9

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unfortunately I think 6.0.7 is the last windows release :frowning:

Yes it is… :frowning:

So I found that HTML File too after a long, long search through my windows explorer and edited it.
And it worked! Thank you so much.

For anyone else hosting Seafile 6.0.7 on Windows Server.

You can change the tool-tip by changing the base.html from C:…\seafile-server-6.0.7\seahub\seahub\templates.
Just search for “Seafile”, change the title and restart the server.

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Ouch, didn’t know that …

@Simon_Sagstetter you have to wait for next release, I think it wil work.
Or you can edit template by your self.


Find file seahub/templates/base.html and there edit attribute title in img tag on line 41.

EDIT: I’m too slow :unamused:


lol, your slowness is symbol of accuracy :slight_smile:

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Its okay, thanks for the advice!

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