How to change site title?

I have successfully installed seafile and I was customizing the appearance of the web client using this tutorial:

I am trying to change the site title which is “Private Seafile” to something else.
Is this possible? I have created the templates to custom folder but I am not sure which file I should copy and edit from seafile-server-latest/seahub/seahub/templates.

Can someone help?
Thank you

You must use the Pro version to customize
You must put your customized file in the “seahub-data/custom” folder
Create the “custom” folder if it does not exist.
Then you must configure your file In the folder " conf "and add:

LOGO_PATH = ‘custom/mylogo.png’
DESKTOP_CUSTOM_LOGO = ‘custom/desktop-custom-logo.png’
SITE_TITLE = ‘My Private Cloud’
Adjust the size of the image according to your logo

Then you must create a symlink of the “custom” folder in /seafile-pro-server-6.0.12/seahub/media/
Delete the cache of your web browser and restart seafile


I am using the pro version for myself only.
Community version doesn’t support customization?