How to delete old versions of library

Hello there!
I have a 3 Terabyte hard drive connected to my seafile banana pi. The data saved in different libraries is just 1.9 Terrabytes, but the entire seafile folder on my pi is 2.7 terabyte. It’s because i had to move data from one “main library” and its sub-libraries in different libraries, so i guess there is still over a terabyte compressed in the seafile archives and takes up a lot of space. Is there a way to delete the library history for a specific library?

I already tried to change the settings of version history via the gui, setting it to “no version history” and “1 day”, but when i change back to “entirely save history” it seems like nothing got deleted from the old snapshots yet…

PS: I think this is the problem why my seafile client says “Server error”, bcs i can still add small files like 100kb but files > 1MB, i get a server error in the client… Log files of seafile, seahub and ccnet are empty.

Thanks for help!

Did you run the garbage collector? Without running it nothing is being deleted.

Hey @shoeper,
Thank you, this is what i was searching for. In the documentary, i didn’t read that there is a garbage collector.
F.e. in this pages:

I will run the gc and then it should be fixed.

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Here is the link for the garbage collector documentation. Just in case you didn’t find it or someone else finds this.