How to find seafile server version

Hi Everyone,

Sound silly but I’m not sure which server version i’m using :confused: Is there a way to retrieve this information?

Regards, JM

Hey Man!

Go and check within your install-folder.
Normally the version is always mentioned at it’s respective directory where the symbolic link: “seafile-server-latest” directs you to the most-updated install folder for the case that you keep former versions for the case of any update issues.

See attached screenshot:

Hi Jack

Thanks for your answering.

My seafile-server directory is just seafile-server!

But I’ve found this in my history:

tar -xzf seafile-server_6.0.4_x86-64.tar.gz    
mv seafile-server-6.0.4/ seafile-server/

So my installed version is 6…0.4

Is there a good reason to upgrade to 6.0.9 ?

You might want to read the changelog

Sure. Many issues got fixed since then.
But be careful with the current 6.1.0 beta. Not recommended for productive environments yet :slight_smile:

and make sure to upgrade one version after another as seen in the manuals.
Backup your files before.