How to find where the seafile server is installed on the ubuntu 14.04 box?

Recently I have to apply some security update on the ubuntu system which is acting as a server. After that the seafile clients stopped working because the clients were unable to connect. I spent hours to find where exactly the seafile server was installed by the prev. developer. But couldn’t find any sign of the seafile server in the linux box. I can see some databases which is named “seafile_" and "seahub_” etc.

Is there any way to check where exactly(the location) the seafile server is installed in the linux box?

I have tried “find” command to search for “” from the “/”, but couldn’t find.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for your support!

How did you install the server for the first time? If you use the installation script, the server should be installed at /opt/seafile

@daniel.pan Thanks for your quick response!

It was bot me installed it for first time, I just joined in for the maintenance and unfortunately there was not documentation done by prev. person.

I checked for /opt/seafile but there is no /opt/ in the ubuntu box. Somewhere else I need to check?

Is the seafile server is still running? If so, you use ps aux | grep seafile or ps aux | grep seahub to find the full command and path.

Couldn’t see anything except the nginx and php5-fpm configurations with name seafile. looks like the seafile server is not running. The seafile clients are giving error in the server connection status window.

Seafile has nothing to do with php5-fpm. I suggest you check Nginx config files to find the location for Seafile

Anyways I reinstalled the seafile server as I think it is the best option rather than digging in to the sea. We didn’t have much users using it.

Thanks for your support!