How to get user information (name, surname) from web api?

Hi, I’m writing an api client and I can access user ifirmation (mail, quota, etc) but I can’t find any api operation to retrieve user’s name and surname.

Is there any? or do I need to access database directly?


I think that most likely there is documentation missing, because the client also somehow shows the username.

You are right! Thanks!

I’m using an old version of seafile (5.0.5) so I was following the v2.0 api manual and not v2.1 but I’ve tried and /api2/search-user operation is available but undocumented.

From now on I will follow both documents.

I’ve tried /api2/search-user/ but, even though it works on v5.0.5, the response payload contains the same information as /api2/accounts/{email}/ (get account info).

I think it’s time to upgrade.