How to import existing directory tree of user files?


I just installed Seafile on Raspberry PI :slight_smile:

I have used OwnCloud in the past, but got dissatisfied with heavy network usage and very slow speeds. I’ve read that Seafile is great and thus I am trying to migrate data to it.

I currently have 2 external drives with BTRFS file system that were dedicated to hold my user data files. Since the amount of data is relatively large, it would be easier and faster if I could simply mount that file system into seafile data directory.

If seafile data directory is not just a collection of data files like owncloud, then I’d like to be able to import data files somehow. My raspberry PI does not have a desktop or seafile client installed.

If any of these options is not available, I’d have to start from scratch and import data through a client. I am ok with that too. I just need to know.


No that’s not possible. The folders and files have all hashes stored in your DB. That’s one purpose why seafile has the better performance.

You could try to install the command line client do the import from the pi itself.

Are the disks mounted to a single point? With multiple mount points you’ll likely run into issues.

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You can find the client in the backports and in the forum.

Thank you guys. I have decided to re-import to save the trouble.