How to properly be able to restore a seafile server

I’ve just set up a Seafile Homeserve in my local network on my raspberry pi. I’ve chosen to encrypt the libraries on the seafile server. It works just fine, but i have one question peserting me.
What can I do to be able to restore all data from the Seafile cloud if my raspi would crash?

Thank you in advance.

This should involve two steps.

First is to retrieve the server data from Raspi. To avoid the trouble, I would suggest you put them in an external storage, like SD card, or hard drive, so that you can still easily get access to those data when Raspi crashes.

Second, once you have the proper server data (including conf files and database), theoretically you can rerun the server in other platforms, like your PC. Or you can export them back into your original file format (details in Seafile manual), but this exportation only works for unencrypted libraries.

Thank you very much for your answer.
Unfortunately I’m shipwrecking at extracting the data from my rapi.
All my seafile stuff (except the data which is on an external HDD) is stored an installed within the user “seafile” on my raspi.
As su I created a “seafile-backup” using: “sudo mkdir /home/seafile-backup” and “sudo cp -R /home/seafile /home/seafile-backup”.
I accessed my raspi via filezilla and tried to copy the folder “seafile-backup” to my desktop pc it didn’t copy the folders “seafile-server-latest”, “conf” and “ccnet”. So i changed the user rights of “conf” and “ccnet” with chmod 777… This enabled me to copy them (was it the right way though?).
But i still can’t copy "seafile-server-latest. Do I need it?
Was this the right way to make a backup of the server that I can restore lateron?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I also stopped seafile server and seahub in advance.

You don’t necessarily need the “seafile-server-latest”. It is just a soft link to your latest “seafile-server_X.X.X”. Make sure you have rescued all other files in your Seafile, including database if it uses MySQL, and it should be good.

Thank all of you. That helped my out!

So I made a seafile server backup according to
It all went well, but I have two small problems/questions left:

  1. There is one step where you have to backup the seafile data (it says “cp -R /data/haiwen /backup/data/haiwen-date +"%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S"”). My seafile-data folder is located on an external HDD. I made the backup of the database from the HDD (sqlite3 /media/ExtHDD/seafile-data/seafile.db .dump…). In the abovementioned cp order I just copied the files in the directory on my raspi internal memory. Are there any files in the seafile-data direc (which is loacted on the external HDD) that I also have to copy (except the database with the sqlite3 command which i did)

  2. Now that I’ve made the backup to an usbstick I am unable to copy the files from the usbstick (ntfs formated, all permissions of all users set to rwx) to my windows pc (backup the backup :wink: ). Anyone know’s what could be the matter here?